OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp Completes Development of Next Generation Orally-Disintegrating Tablet.

OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp. (OTCQB: OWCP), a developer of cannabinoid-based therapies targeting a variety of different medical conditions and disorders, today announced it has completed the pre-clinical development of its next generation, orally-disintegrating tablet containing cannabis extract with specific amounts of the cannabinoids tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC”) and cannabidiol (“CBD”). The tablet is targeted at different indications and will be available in various ratios of THC to CBD and various doses of these actives.


The tablet will be indicated as a substitute for patients being treated with medical cannabis by smoking.  Key indications will include chronic pain syndromes and Fibromyalgia, inter alia. Key advantages of this delivery form over smoking medical cannabis are metered and controlled dosage, fast and effective absorption (disintegration time of the tablet is less than 2 minutes) and ease of use with no hazardous smoke inhalation or adverse environmental effects or issues of passive smoking. The ability to manufacture a tablet under strict quality control and quality assurance standards is intrinsic to this dosage form and to the establishment of strict clinical standards. “This development is changing life for patients” said Mordechai Bignitz, CEO of OWC Pharmaceutical Research. “We are continuing our development efforts to improve patients’ quality of life and enable them to use other delivery methods rather than smoking cannabis”.


OWC has received Institutional Review Board (“IRB”) approval (both national Israeli and Sourasky Medical Center IRBs) and plans to initiate a safety clinical trial in the third quarter of 2018.

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