Delivery System
for Pain Management

Chronic Pain syndromes have strong impact on the patients’ physical and mental conditions and take a toll on their functional capabilities. Cannabis has been shown to be effective in pain management and patients report a significant improvement in their general wellbeing.

Smoking and inhalation are currently the most commonly used methods for administering medical cannabis. However, the precise concentration of active cannabinoids in inflorescences is inconsistent and difficult to determine. In addition, smoking may have deleterious side effects and social acceptance issues, which may reduce compliance of drug administration.

OWC is developing a cannabinoid-enriched sublingual disintegrating tablet to provide patients who suffer from chronic pain syndromes with a validated and consistent form of drug administration. Such an administration modality will allow for dose adjustment and offer a healthier alternative to smoking. The tablet will be available in various ratios and strengths of THC/CBD in order to achieve optimal efficacy and tolerability.

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