Transforming cannabis into scientifically proven and clinically approved medical solutions

OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp. aspires to realize the potential of medical cannabis research and develops medicinal products, specifically designed to improve the lives of millions.

We fuse the freshness and the visionary approach of an innovative company with the wisdom and the knowledge of experienced players in the pharmaceutical industry and in cannabis-based treatment, by incorporating cutting-edge research, proven global experience and unprecedented professionalism of our people.



Whilst potentially suitable for multiple skin conditions, the initial indication for OWC’s topical ointment is for Psoriasis. In pre-clinical studies, our cannabinoid-based topical ointment demonstrated up to a 70 percent reduction in Psoriasis-related biomarkers, including keratinocyte proliferation and inflammatory cytokine expression.


OWC has developed a cannabinoid-enriched sublingual disintegrating tablet that will offer an alternative to smoking and inhalation, allowing for controlled, consistent dosing and diligent compliance to medical regimens. It will potentially offer quick pain and other symptomatic relief, as sublingual absorption provides a direct route for cannabis to enter more rapidly into the blood system through the oral mucosal tissue.

Research and Development

Headquartered in Israel, OWC R&D is focused on discovering and developing cannabis-based novel products and therapies, designed for treating specific medical conditions and alleviating certain disease-associated symptoms.

OWC leverages its extensive network, comprising some of Israel’s leading researchers, scientists, academic and medical centers, as well as cannabis breeders and extractors, to unlock the potential of cannabis for diverse therapeutic applications. OWC research is dedicated to provide patients with the assurance that they are using products that are chemically characterized, clinically tested, safe to use and efficient. Product development and manufacturing are conducted according to the Israeli Ministry of Health and quality regulations (such as: GAP, GLP GMP and GCP).

New at OWC

OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp Completes Development of Next Generation Orally-Disintegrating Tablet.

OWC Pharmaceutical has completed the pre-clinical development of its next generation, orally-disintegrating tablet containing cannabis extract with specific amounts of the cannabinoids tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC”) and cannabidiol (“CBD”). The tablet is targeted at different indications and will be available in various ratios of THC to CBD and various doses of these actives.

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